10 languages. 20 countries. 100 titles. 1,000 issues. 10,000,000 copies. Numbers don’t lie. We are magazine specialists.
We don’t try to deliver on time. We plan to deliver on time. From conceptualisation to delivery, Paperclip’s production process is detail-oriented, task-specific and time-bound. You get your publication how you want it, when you want it.
Our in-house team of editors and writers means faster turnaround, fewer errors, less hassle. (With such an effective headline, who needs body copy?)
Help us help you We listen to the people who matter most - you. Paperclip’s active feedback system filtered through senior management helps us become better in everything we do.
We can’t keep good clients, if we can’t keep good employees. Our belief in long-term relationships has led Paperclip to having one of the highest staff retention rates in the industry. This continuity assures you that we will always know what you need and how you want the job done.
In-house illustrators, in-house photographers. Just another way Paperclip makes your life easier.
My cellphone battery died. The server crashed. your e-mail. The dog ate the artwork. It’s not in our DNA to make excuses. With Paperclip, no bullshit.
Our competitors may be better at making promises. We’ll just stick to being better at keeping them. Clients such as the Singapore Economic Development Board have been with us for the past 10 years because they know they can rely on us to keep our word. We only make promises we can keep.
Just as a wire bends into a paperclip, we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. A simple piece of wire, cleverly designed, becomes a perfect piece of stationery that gets the job done. Likewise, Paperclip believes in inspired solutions that work.
We’re restricted to every industry under the sun. Being magazine specialists, Paperclip can produce quality content tailor-made to your company’s needs, whatever your industry.